To Flex or not to flex? That is the question.

Would you rather put your moola in your Bank Checking account or a CD/Money Market Fund/ Savings Account?



Don’t do it if yo azz don’t have any willpower. They will bust yo head with fees or you could forfeit your interest if you pull out money before maturity. Some banks offer different types that may offer an option to withdraw with no penalty.

This is 2 Cents in 5 Seconds from Miyn-Green

Are you willing to invest in someone else or yourself?

Only invest in what you understand and at the right price

– Warren Buffet


Take heed…

Remember that time you had that bright idea you knew was going to make you a million dollars?

Here’s your 1st step after researching your market and the competition.

Take a risk on ya’self and protect ya neck.  It costs $35-$55 for the application with the Copyright Office

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