VOTE NOW:Drake “Pound Cake” vs TI “Sorry” verse

Bar Warz

To actually compare verses you must include the totality of their artistry. A listener must take into consideration the beat, the delivery, and the content to fully appreciate the verse. Check out these two verses and vote below on who got who.

Drake ft Jay-Z Pound Cake Verse

from Nothing Was the Same

After hours at Il Mulino
Or Sotto Sotto, just talkin’ women and vino
The contract like ’91 Dan Marino
I swear this got Michael Rapino boostin’ my ego
Overly focused its far from the time to rest now
Debate is growing bout who they think is the best now
Took a while got the jokers out of the deck now
I’m holding all the cards and niggas wanna play chess now
I hear you talkin say it twice so I know you meant it
F it I don’t even tint it they should know who’s in it
I’m authentic real names no gimmicks
No game no scrimmage I ain’t playin with you niggas, at all
My classmates went on to be chartered accountants or work with they parents
But thinking back on how they treated me my highschool reunion might be worth an appearance
Make everybody have to go through security clearance
Tables turn bridges burn you live and learn
With the ink I can murder word to my nigga Irv
I swear this shit just started clicking dog
You know it’s real when you are who you think you are

TI Sorry feat Andre 3000

[Verse 1: T.I.]
My cup runneth over with pinot grigio, hold up
You bogus in the lambo if you ain’t lifting the door up
You bogus poppin’ pills if you ain’t pickin the ho up
You bogus running out on your kids my nigga grow up
For God’s sake, like a wedding, cutting large cake
For large stakes let the hammer bang broad day
Ay, nevermind what the blogs say
This what my mind and my heart say
My philosophy profit off of my properties
Get it, flip it, we got to be rich, that broke shit is obsolete
Possibly off of my rocker, watch how you watching me
Sophisticated, psychotic, fly as a pilot
Officially silent, all you wish you could get I got it
Unlimited titanium nigga, what’s in yo wallet?
Out of gladiator college, I made it summa cum laude
Where you clowns couldn’t have got a cap and gown if you bought it
I parley with Saudis, buying crude oil and diamonds
Hustle January, July, fly to Dubai
A broke nigga telling me ’bout how I’m dividing the pies
Like a blind nigga telling me it’s an eye for an eye
Bullheaded and stubborn I be that way until I die
But find a nigga with more hustle than me I dare you to try
And according to the hand on my Audemar
It’s my time to shine so fuck ya’ll

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