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I’m the Papa

Happy Belated Fathers Day but everyday is Fathers Day!!!! To all my ‘Boy and Girl’ Dads out there taking on that role and all of its responsibilities I commend you. If no one told you yet I admire and appreciate all that you do. Whether we are friends in real life or I browse your page on social media you all inspire me in many different ways.

Picking up the kiddos

Will Smith

“From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms I knew I’d meet death before I’d let you meet harm. Although questions arose in my mind, would I be man enough?”

Fatherhood is so dynamic in its role within the family. Traditionally we are expected to be the providers and protectors of the household. Guiding our offspring through life’s complicated journey with intent on them becoming better versions of our self. In modern times roles have changed where now there are stay at home fathers who handle some of the conventional motherly responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. Whatever the case it’s most important to be present. Continue to support, nurture, love, discipline and celebrate with your children. Be accountable for your actions and lead by example.

Top 10 Things I Enjoy Being a Father

  1. I get to shape their self esteem and boost confidence
  2. I get to teach my son and daughter how to play basketball
  3. I get to teach my son and daughter how to treat people
  4. Instill respect and manners and shape character
  5. Wrestling and play fighting with my son to toughen him up
  6. Reading Books together
  7. Teaching them how to protect each other
  8. Watching them smile
  9. Dropping them off and picking them up from school
  10. Learning diff ways to discipline

Rev Run

“For boys you want to teach them how to treat a lady, how to play football, how to handle themselves in the street. With a girl, it’s another whole animal. I have to teach my girls how to feel good about themselves. If you have a girl who doesn’t feel good about herself, she is going to be promiscuous. She is going to be open to anybody’s lame rap.”

There’s so much negative imagery of black fatherhood. I’ve got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father – and how come that’s not as newsworthy?

Will Smith

The bottom line is there isn’t anything better than parenthood. Sure it will take a toll on your pockets for quite some time but the joy of loving them will always overshadow that. To all my girl and boy Dads around the world lets continue to break the cycle and former myths of our community. Its up to us to show our children the type of spouse they should pursue. The type of friends they should hang around. The things that are “cool” and how to avoid peer pressure by making good decisions for themselves. They should learn from their mistakes and understand the consequences. Provide them with a moral compass so they comprehend right from wrong. Let me get off my soapbox though before I start preaching…new podcast episode coming soon lol.

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