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Album Review: Joey Bada$$ Before the Money



You must be a fan of a wordsmiths and New York hip hop to appreciate Joey Bada$$ “Before the $$” album. This project and his delivery reminds you of a mixture of the entire Wu-tang clan all rolled into one and Das EFX. Per XXL Joey was influenced by the usual suspects of artists but also MF DOOM, Black Thought, and J DILLA so peep some of these artists out to get a glimpse of hip hop at its finest. Sonically there’s a lot of vinyl, record scratching, and ‘microphone checoking’ available for your listening pleasure. The delivery and lyrics may go over your head but do yourself a favor and listen closely a few times. I would recommend taking a couple listens of his records before making any judgements on the project as a whole. Overall I believe this project served its purpose and Joey Bada$$’s core fan base which are hip hop fans who cherish the artists and groups of the 90’s rap era with a twist of current events

Blaqwhole faves: “Hazeus View” “Paper Trail$” “Piece of Mind”

Check out this interview with of Joey Bada$$



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