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Good Luck Gus just don’t Beat Us

Jag Life

“Jag 4 Life”

The LA Chargers done scooped up my boy Gus Bradley ha (Juvenile voice). Honestly I hope he does well as their new defensive coordinator. Now that we got Tom Coughlin and Keenon Mccardel I would love to see Shad, T.C. and Dave Caldwell  go alllllllll out.

Listen up Team!


Bring in Tony Baselli, Fred Taylor, Maurice-jones Drew, Marc Brunell,  and all the old defensive line players that I can’t remember to training camp.



I would appreciate 2 new big time offensive free agent signings this season.


I want the defensive coordinator and coaches to let them beasts off the leash.


I need the entire team to say we going to the Superbowl this year





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