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Get Down or Lay Down


Truthfully gang culture has always been fascinating to me. Not to the point where I would want to join but mainly the experience minus the getting shot and going to jail parts. I mean the opportunity to gain friends who are suppose to ride or die for you is hard to pass up right? I never had the motivation or the urge to seek people to have my back in da skreets but I can empathize for those who may live that particular lifestyle. Maybe it was the presence of my father or the strictness of mom dukes that led me down a different path in me being more Frank Sinatra than Frank Lucas. Hell if i know lol. We can argue Nature vs Nurture till we’re  blue in the face but there are always exceptions.
Ultimately you can be satisfied wit being a product of your environment or you can be a catalyst for change within your community.

I do believe that “gangs” have the capability to strengthen the inner city communities as opposed to tear them down.  The fact that there is a stereotype and a negative connotation with the word gang minimizes their potential.

Because we at Blaqwhole are about positivity, I would like to shed some light on gang culture and try to invoke a change in perception.

Check out Hillary Clinton speaking on “Positive Gangs”

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